Discount for Cash

The Partnership

Discount for Cash logoMORE American Hospitality, LLC (MAH Group) has engaged with FTH with offices in Chattanooga, TN and Las Vegas. FTH is a credit card processing company which provides extreme value to the client with an eye to the future. The technology was developed by one of the leading patent technicians in software architecture and development space, CEO Jeremy Fried. His platform has helped create a unique offering in the credit card processing industry referred to as Discount for Cash. The methodology behind the inventive service is to remove the merchant banks processing fee from the business owner/merchants and place the expense onto the consumer. The goal?…to help entrepreneurs and business owners alike control cost and increase NOI. While this is always a sound strategy, it has become even more important in today’s post pandemic world as social economical unrest and rising labor costs have hindered businesses. In turn, other organizations and government entities have implemented similar processes from VRBO and Expedia to Utility Companies, Gas Stations and numerous Wholesalers across the globe. This trend stands to continue as the rate of consumer credit card transactions rise and merchant banks widen their earnings margins with increased processing fees.

MAH Group logoThus, FTH has partnered with MAH in hopes of leveraging their team’s 100+ years of Hospitality experience and relationships to scale the Discount for Cash service industry wide. As for CEO Bob Ekman and his team, this business is an opportunity to give back to the Hospitality industry and its entrepreneurs who have helped shape their careers and offered their families immense security and joy.

Personal Experience and Case Study

CEO Bob Ekman was a client of FTH having implemented their platform upon the opening of the MAH managed Redneck Riviera Honky Tonk in Nashville, TN. After~2 years in operation, the Discount for Cash model has provided tremendous savings. Once proof of concept was established, many other Honky Tonks on Broadway followed suit and embraced FTH’s unparalleled service. The successes rendered from this business alliance lead FTH to create a strategic partnership with MAH and CEO, Bob Ekman. Under Ekman’s leadership, he and his team of industry veterans seek to cast a wider net and bring this amazing company to new heights while helping increase the bottom line for hospitality businesses coast to coast.

FTH’s leadership has worked with numerous hospitality companies such as Caesar’s, Choice Hotels, Tootsies and others. Now is the time for the rest of the industry to catch up.

If you are keen to learn how much your business can “recover” through this innovative offering, follow the link to our savings calculator.